Fluoride Treatments

Changes in your diet, lifestyle, systemic health, or oral self-care habits as well as the use of prescription medications or the normal aging process can all affect your susceptibility to dental decay regardless of your age. Very few people remain completely free of decay throughout their lifetime. Proper oral homecare and maintaining regular recare appointments aid in prevention and early detection.


We encourage the use of topical fluoride treatments for adults. The effectiveness of systemic and topical fluoride in preventing decay is well documented. When a cavity first starts, an application of fluoride might reduce or eliminate the need for drilling, depending on when the fluoride is applied.

You may wish to invest in a daily oral rinse that is available for purchase in our office. If you can rinse with an over-the-counter mouthrinse containing fluoride every night as directed on the rinse label, you do not need the office topical fluoride treatment. If you cannot rinse daily as instructed, you will need the benefit from the stronger office-applied topical fluoride treatment. Your oral health will benefit most from small increments of fluoride that are applied daily rather than one larger concentration every six months. However, only you can make the commitment to a rinsing routine and follow through with it. If you find you forget it often or prefer not to rinse nightly just let us do it for you during your recare visit.

If you have any questions about fluoride, please feel free to ask your hygienist during your next recare visit.